So you want to build your own website. There are hundreds of services out there that enable you to do that, many offering instant websites at very affordable costs. These websites may be suited for a quick event, or if you want some temporary content to show off, but are they worth it?

If you want to plant your roots deep and have a more permanent solution that will generate traffic, make conversions, earn revenue and enable you to actually run a business, then you need to steer clear of these quick fixes. Here’re our top reasons why:

 1. Not customisable

We use WordPress for all our websites. That’s no secret. The reason we prefer WordPress is due to its expandability . It is a huge, community driven platform, and that means you can add features that a service like Wix would struggle with!

2. Inefficient

Your time could be better spent elsewhere!  The 100 or so hours it takes you to build your website could be spent growing your business. Why not let a professional with the knowledge and experience build it and save yourself the hassle?

3. They don’t work!

Yup, they just don’t. They might show your customers what they want to see, but they have some serious flaws that won’t benefit you in the long run. These websites:

  • Are not Google friendly
  • Are not optimised for search engines
  • Are not ready for mobile devices

What they are is slow and buggy.

When you pay a professional to build a site for you, they take your needs and the needs of your business into account so that the end result is much more likely to help your venture succeed.

4. Faster is not better

Some services even go as far as to say that you can build your website in under 30 minutes. Man that is fast – even faster than the local takeaway can deliver a pizza. Is your website worth more time and effort than a pizza? The answer is ‘yes’. Websites are investments: they may cost you to start up, but the traffic they generate will earn your cash back, and then some.

5. Lack of support

Remember that with the rapid movement of technology, things that were once great not even a decade ago are now obsolete. Don’t get stuck with something that isn’t supported or is so old it breaks your site. This will ruin your business image and instead of bringing you business, will turn it away. If you want your site to attract visitors, it has to be easy to use, bug free, and well suited to the advancements made on mobile devices. If you don’t have this type of support, it is all too easy to become stuck in the past and forgotten.

6. Bad neighbours

The final and most important point: if you are being offered free hosting, or if there isn’t even a mention of hosting costs, then it’s not a bonus regardless of how happy your wallet is. Most of the time it is a bad sign. It means you are on a shared hosting plan.  The integrity of your neighbors will affect your business. If your neighbors are blacklisted, or their websites are full of malware, that is bad news for you.

Think of it as sharing accommodation with a bunch of college students. Their noise, clutter and lack of regard for common sense will affect you.What you want is your own condo (preferably hi-rise!), where the only person who can affect things is you. That way you can ensure that you are always at your best and don’t greet potential customers at the door while trying to kick the beer bottles under the nearest chair.


If you are serious about your business, then you need to be serious about your online presence. A website designed and built by a professional will generate income that you couldn’t get from a build-it-yourself service. You may be saving yourself some pennies now, but the amount you spend trying to fix the numerous issues that will occur will render the initial saving futile. Spend a little extra on something that will benefit you and your business.

I like to think that when you are hiring a professional, you are paying for their experience and knowledge more than their time.


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